Nutritional Support


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Cleansing can be demanding on the body, both physically and mentally.

To fortify your body during the first week, and the third week, we recommend a high-potency daily supplement to accomplish optimal results from your cleanse. This free, limited time gift, is a total value of $49.50. 

8 Essential Ingredients:


veggievitamins.jpgBlend of 44 Greens: 

Provides the "whole food" element and a vegetable exchange

Food Enzymes:

Aid digestion and increase nutritional value at a cellular level


Chemical structures needed for the body to process nutrients


Good bacteria that establish a healthy balance in the intestinal tract


Provide the building blocks for healthy bones, muscles, tendons, & teeth

77 Trace Minerals:

Provide the electrical charge needed by each cell to thrive

Extra Vitamin C:

Support the body's immune response

Extra Vitamin E:

A potent anti-oxidant

Both products are Universal Formulas - Quint-Essence "Whole Food" foundation "Opti-Blend" repackaged into two 60 vegi-capsule bottles for convenience and regimen clarity.

As you notice an increase in energy, sharper sense, and better digestion, you will have completed the first five days of your cleanse with a boost both physically and mentally. Good bacteria that establish a healthy balance in the intestinal tract, five full days of consistent nourishment, to help sustain any changes, or restrictions you are making.

The last 5 days of the cleanse, we recommend you take the Post-Bepure, that will boost your nourishment as you come to the end of cleansing.

Pre-Bepure and Post-Bepure are taken with meals.

Regimen: The recommended dosage is to take 12 vegi-capsules per day, typically 4 capsules per meal, but you can spread that out over the day to suit your needs and schedule. This is a high-energy formula and could interrupt getting to sleep. We do not recommend taking this all at one time or close to bedtime.