Role of Sleep

The role of sleep during a cleanse is also crucial to realizing the most benefits from cleansing. This cleanse is built around a 24-hour cycle. Getting the best sleep possible is another investment into having radiant health that will serve you well.


Rebuilding from the inside out

They don't call it beauty sleep for nothin'

Cleansing is challenging for the body and mind, it requires effort, at least the first time you cleanse. Depending on how many adjustments you are trying to make, you could feel more tired than usual.

In addition, your cells are letting go of waste products and this may also make you feel tired.

Sleep is natures way of allowing the body to rebuild.

Taking small naps is also a great way to incorporte more sleep. Rather than eating something to "perk" you up - take a 15 minute nap!

If you don't normally get 8 hours of sleep a night, try to allow yourself that time during this cleanse. If you need to sleep more, try to schedule it in!

We don't think twice about calling in sick and taking time off of work when we don't feel good - so consider a good sleep a necessary requirement and part of your investment in your closest loved one - YOU!